FS Dixmude Suffers Caiman Helicopter Accident

October 18, 2018 (Google Translation) – On Wednesday, October 17, at 22:29, an accident involving a Caiman helicopter from the 1st Combat Helicopter Regiment occurred during a take-off phase for a training flight from the Projection and Command Building (BPC). Dixmude. The building was then in the North Sea, 70 nautical miles (about 130 km) off Dunkirk.

The crew was able to escape unharmed from the helicopter. Four sailors working on the flight deck were injured, one seriously.

The latter was immediately supported by the medical and surgical teams on board the Diksmuide to provide first aid. In coordination with the CROSS (Regional Operational Monitoring and Rescue Center) Griz-Nez, he was then evacuated by the Caiman Navy helicopter based in Maupertus (Manche) to the military hospital Percy (Paris region) , where he is currently supported.

Several investigations were conducted to determine the causes of the accident.