Caribbean: The crews of La Confiance and La Violette are training in the fight against narcotrafic at sea

October 15, 2018 (Google Translation) – On 1 st October 2018, the crews of light patrol Guyana (PLG) La Confiance and coastguard patrol (PGMAR) La Violette followed a NARCOPS training (operation against narco trafficking), provided by members of the division “State action at sea” in the West Indies and CiFAD inter-ministerial anti-drug training center.

On the occasion of the theoretical training NARCOPS, a presentation of the general organization of the fight against drug trafficking was completed with a particular focus on the regulatory framework as well as modes of action specific to the maritime area. West Indies, and especially on inter-island traffic, a major objective of struggle in this area. Drug tests, minutes and feedback from the last cases were also presented to the crews of the two units in order to be fully operational when the time came.

The so-called “search” training provided by the customs officers of CiFAD at first made it possible to present the techniques generally used by the drug traffickers to hide the narcotics aboard the various types of ships. A scenario, teams of visit constituted, was then the opportunity to implement the complete kinematics of a search operation aboard a sailboat.