Amethyste Stops in Norfolk and Halifax After Exercises with US and Canada

October 15, 2018 (Google Translation) – The Nuclear Submarine Attack (SNA) Amethyst led, with the multi-mission frigate ( FREMM) Bretagne , exercises with surface forces and US and Canadian maritime patrol aircraft. Deployed in the western Atlantic, the Amethyst nuclear attack submarine (ANS) surfaced off the US coast to cross Chesapeake Bay and dock at the submarine dock at Norfolk Base. He was welcomed by the USS SSN John Warner, an American submarine of the Virginia class.

During these few days of operational release, the two crews of French and American submarines shared their experience of underwater navigation through joint visits of the two buildings. The crew of the Améthyste was thus able to consolidate the bonds of friendship between the two marines.

Vice-Admiral Bernard-Antoine Morio of Isle, commanding the submarine forces and strategic ocean force, received his counterpart Vice-Admiral Charles A. Richard commanding the US submarine forces (COMSUBFOR) on board the Amethyst . The meeting between the two leaders allowed them to take stock of training activities in the exercises off the west coast of the United States and, more generally, to discuss their respective submarine forces. and the future axes of cooperation.

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