Yaroslav Mundriy Deploys to Syria

October 12, 2018 (Google Translation) – A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet as part of the patrol ship (TFR) “Yaroslav the Wise” and the tanker “Lena”, which is in a long hike, continues to perform tasks in the Mediterranean.

The crew of the “Yaroslav the Wise” during the march is working out the elements of the course task at sea, conducting planned ship trainings of combat crews and exercises for fighting for survivability.

In the course of fulfilling the planned combat missions, the crew of the TFR in the coming days will replenish the reserves of water and fuel from the sea tanker Lena along the transition route.

The anti-terror unit will conduct training to ensure the safety of the ship standing on an unprotected raid. At present, on board the Yaroslav the Wise and the tanker Lena there are specially trained groups of marines from the marines of the Baltic Fleet.

The detachment of ships left Baltiysk on April 15 as part of a planned rotation of the permanent operational connection of the ships of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean.