UNIFIL Flagship Liberal Rescued Syrians

October 12, 2018 (Google Translation) – The “Liberal” frigate, the current flagship of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) Maritime Task Force (FTM), rescued 31 refugees from a drifting boat in the Coast of Lebanon. Among those rescued were women and children who had been without food and water for three days. The passengers, very weakened, reported that they were Syrians, and that they were trying to arrive at Cyprus.

The uncharged vessel was located about 41 nautical miles from the Lebanese capital Beirut. The “Liberal” frigate, which belongs to the Brazilian Navy, was fired by the FTM Command, and immediately began searches for radar and aircraft.

All necessary assistance was provided by UNIFIL to alleviate the suffering of the people on board, by providing water, food, medical care and some medicines.

The “Liberal” remains in place to provide all possible assistance to the refugees, until the arrival of two patrol boats that will carry out the rescue. The frigate will escort the rescued to the Lebanese territorial waters, and there it will close their actions.

In September 2015, Brazilian Corvette Barroso, who was on his way to FTM’s mission, also rescued 220 immigrants in the Mediterranean Sea.