More than 500 families of the Upper Guajira received humanitarian aid from the National Navy

October 12, 2018 (Google Translation) – Despite the difficult weather conditions that have arisen in recent days throughout the Colombian Caribbean, the National Navy held the XXV Conference on Support for Development in Alta Guajira contributing to improve the quality of life of indigenous Wayuu communities, of the districts of Castilletes, Topia and Puerto López of the municipality of Uribia, during the 4th, 5th and 6th of October of this year.

The crew of the ARC ship “Gulf of Morrosquillo”, the Coast Guard Surveillance Station of Punta Espada and the Marine Infantry Mobility Battalion No. 1, led the Development Support Conference that delivered food as liquid wellbeing, boxes of fortified rice , clothing and clothing accessories, benefiting more than 500 indigenous families of Uribia and its surroundings.

Likewise, personnel of the Marine Infantry Battalion No.14 enlivened the day by providing joy with recreational and recreational activities for the attending families, as well as sharing in healthy recreation and strengthening the ties of cooperation and humanitarian aid with the Wayuu indigenous community.

The National Navy will continue to permanently carry out these Days of Support for Development in the indigenous Wayuu communities of Alta Guajira, which contribute to the development of the region and improve the lives of Colombians living in the far north of the Colombian territory.