FASZOI: Exercise “Bluebeard 2018”

October 12, 2018 (Google Translation) On September 2018, patrol vessel Le Malin conducted a tactical level exercise with a specialized assault group of the Foreign Legion Detachment of Mayotte (DLEM), on the island of Grande Glorieuse in the Mozambique Channel. The mission included the recovery by a group of legionaries and the Malin protection brigade of detainees held on the island.

Early in the morning, Le Malin launched his boats before embarking the intervention group. Once the beach is recognized by a first element, the rest of the group is landed on the island and infiltrates the jungle.

Later, the radio announces: ” established contact. Four neutralized enemies, two released prisoners, one wounded friend . The action was successful but one of the teammates was shot in the abdomen. The patrolman’s sailors, under the supervision of a Legion instructor, perform first aid first aid to stabilize the casualty before evacuating. On the beach, we prepare the evacuation of the group as soon as possible before the enemy returns to contact. A few minutes later, the fifteen men of the group re-embarked, the injured is taken care of by the medical team. The operation is over, the goal is reached.

Such exercises maintain the interoperability of the different components of the armed forces of the Southern Indian Ocean (FAZSOI) and contribute to maintaining their capacity for action and projection at a distance and in the near future.

Deployed for a maritime surveillance mission in the Mozambique Channel, the Le Malin patrol train regularly with the Foreign Legion with which he has been twinning since 1946.

The 1,700 soldiers deployed to the FAZSOI guarantee the protection of the national territory and animate regional cooperation from Réunion and Mayotte. The FAZSOI is the main support point of the Indian Ocean theater to fight against new threats such as piracy or illegal immigration, to monitor the exclusive economic zones (EEZ) associated with all the islands in the zone. responsibility and maintain a regional rapid response capability.