Brazilian Navy Riverine Force Vessels Pará & Pampeiro in Operation Ribeirex 2018

October 9, 2018 (Google Translation) – The Auxiliary Ship “Pará” and the Patrol Ship “Pampeiro”, subordinate to the Command of the Naval Patrol of the North, began their displacement on October 1 in order to participate in Operation Ribeirex Amazonas 2018. The Operation will take place between the days 12 and 15 of October, between the cities of Itacoatiara and Parintins, both in the Amazon.

Operation Ribeirex Amazonas 2018, which this year will be planned and executed by the Command of the 9th Naval District, is an opportunity for ships operating in the Amazon region to increase their levels of training and readiness, through exercises in Ribeirinhas, Guerra Asymmetric, Surface Actions and Fluvial Area Control.

The Commander of the Auxiliary Ship “Pará”, Captain of Corveta Gomes Ferreira, emphasized the importance of Operation: “This is an excellent opportunity to put into practice and exercise the doctrine of riverine operations, with the transportation and landing of contingents of Marines Navais, which contributes directly to the maintenance of Brazilian sovereignty in the region, “he said.

The Commander of the Patrol Ship “Pampeiro”, Captain Lieutenant Nelson Ferraz de Araujo Neto, believes that Ribeirex will be an opportunity to test the ships’ preparation. “We prepare a lot during the year through training and drills, and today we are ready to fulfill this mission. It is a privilege for us, of the “Light Brave”, to be able to participate in another Ribeirex “, he finished.