ITS Amerigo Vespucci in Trieste for 50th Barcolana

October 6, 2018 (Google Translation) – Amerigo Vespucci school ship from Monday 8 October will be in port in Trieste and will support the information booth of the Navy during the whole week dedicated to the Barcolana, the international regatta that takes place traditionally in the Gulf of Trieste, this year at the 50th edition.

Departed from Naples, where he took part in the Naples Shipping Week 2018, Vespucci ship will remain in the Julian capital until October 15 and can be visited by the citizens, participating actively in the sailing event and hosting on board several events.

Friday, October 12 will be a day full of events on board: it will begin with the presentation of the event “Vienna on the lake”, a great event of solidarity and culture. The event is divided into various activities such as conferences, promotional concerts and benefits and visits to cultural sites, ending in an original gala evening at the “Venaria Real” and in which the young students of the Naval Academy participate. This will be followed by the presentation of the 2019 Military Navy calendar (published by Rodorigo Editore) entitled “Palombari e Incursori nella Marina”, which shows exceptional and unique images taken by photographer Massimo Sestini.

Also on 12 October the University of Trieste and the Italian Electrotechnical Association, Friuli Venezia Giulia section, will hold a workshop on the theme “Navigating from Blue to Green – study and technology for sustainable navigation”, while Admiral Romano Sauro , nephew of the gold medal for military valor Nazario Sauro, will present the project “Sauro 100 – a trip on a sailboat and 100 ports for 100 years of history”.

But it will be the sailing sport to be the masters in the events that will mark the week of stopping the ship in Trieste with the exit at sea on the 11th on board the Vespucci with the athletes and the promises of the youth sector, together with the volunteers of the sailing company Barcola and Grignano and the presentation of the International Sailing Week 2019 organized by the Naval Academy and City of Livorno, scheduled for the morning of October 13, which will be attended by Admiral Pierpaolo Ribuffo commander of the Naval Academy.

Monday, October 8, at 11.00 am, after the arrival at the port, the Captain, captain of ship Stefano Costantino, will hold a press conference on board during which he will present the historic sailing ship and the activities that saw him protagonist during this period, among the “school-work alternation” training project stands out in favor of a group of young members of ANMI, STA-I and LNI boarded in Naples, and currently on board.