ITS Federico Martinengo Completes Visit to Seychelles

October 2, 2018 (Google Translation) – After the stop in Port Victoria (Seychelles) of Federico Martinengo of the Navy, inserted in the anti-piracy device of the Op. Atalanta.

During the break the ship commander Martinengo , the frigate captain Andrea Quondamatteo , met the top of the security forces of the archipelago to confirm the desire of the European Naval force, EUNAVFOR , to cooperate with the local forces, as the Seychelles a regional partner of main interest in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperations.

This also in light of the launch of the Maritime Security project (Ma.Se.) under the aegis of the European Union, which sees the Seychelles and Madagascar partners able to contribute to the Maritime Situational Awarness (MSA), a fundamental requirement for maritime safety area. The Martinengo crew also conducted Local Maritime Capacity Building activities in favor of the air force, the Coast Guard, the Maritime Police Unit and local special forces .

Topics covered ranged from helicopter operations to joint operations between helicopters and aircraft and survival at sea.
The personnel of the Seychelles were also shown the characteristics of the individual equipment of the flight crews, the characteristics and capabilities of the helicopters boarded and a demonstration of the helicopter was prepared on board a naval unit.

Furthermore, at the local RCOC (Regional Coordination Operation Center), explanatory briefings and a practical demonstration on boarding operations, the equipment to be used and the procedures to be followed during the course were carried out.

The continuous and constant cooperation of the Navy with the security forces of the regional partners and the participation in the anti-piracy operations , are decisive contributions for the maritime safety of commercial traffic at sea and the safeguard of the Blue economy in this area, crossroads of the most important commercial and transit routes to and from the Mediterranean.