Northern Fleet Submarines Conducted Undeerwater Duel in the Barents Sea

October 3, 2018 (Google Translation) – The crews of nuclear submarines of two different formations of the submarine forces of the Northern Fleet carried out a complex of anti-submarine exercises with torpedo firing. The trainings were carried out for several days and were of a bilateral nature. Submariners operated in the fleet testing grounds in the Barents Sea in accordance with the combat training plan.

At the first stage of the exercise, the crews of nuclear submarines worked out the tactics of searching and tracking an underwater enemy using sonar weapons, and also worked out detachment maneuvers from pursuit, evasion and underwater masking.

The second stage of the submarine exercises was conducted in the “hunt” mode for the enemy with the execution of torpedo firing with practical ammunition. In addition, the crews of both nuclear submarines have worked out maneuvers of evading torpedoes and setting false targets.

According to the preliminary assessment of the Northern Fleet Commander Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, the exercises were successful. A detailed analysis and assessment of the crews’ actions will be carried out upon their return to the database and the processing of these means of objective control.