HNLMS Friesland Intercepts Cocaine Shipment

October 2, 2018 (Google Translation) – Patrol ship HNLMS Friesland has intercepted a boat with 900 kilos of cocaine north of Aruba. This happened after a 7-hour chase in the night of Thursday 20 September. In the interest of the research, the Defense organization will only announce drug seizure today.

The navy’s NH90 airborne helicopter detected the so-called go fast during a patrol. The crew saw a large amount of packages on board.

The Friesland and the helicopter immediately started the chase and tried to force the boat to stop. A Dash-8 plane from the Caribbean Coast Guard assisted.

Warning shots

However, stop signals and even warning shots from the NH90 had no effect. The Friesland therefore launched one of its fast intercepting boats, the FRISC. When it came closer together with the helicopter, the passengers threw packages of drugs overboard. The crew of the FRISC fished it out of the water, while the NH90 continued to haunt the boat.

Gun shooter

With aiming fire, the helicopter of the helicopter finally switched off the outboard motors of the go fast. Only then did the crew surrender. The 4 crew members were arrested and handed over to the authorities.

Anti-drug operations

Friesland is currently a station ship in the West. Anti-drug operations is one of the main tasks of Defense in the Caribbean.