Northern Fleet’s Severomorsk Operating in Gulf of Aden

October 1, 2018 (Google Translation) –  The large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet, Severomorsk, fulfilling the tasks of the long-range campaign, entered the Indian Ocean from the Red Sea.

During the passage through the Gulf of Aden, the crew of the ship conducted a monitoring of the safety of civil shipping in areas of high pirate activity. A Ka-27PS helicopter with an anti-terrorist group was raised for reconnaissance. The on-duty change of the combat unit of the communication worked to receive possible radio signals from civilian vessels in dangerous areas.

In the waters of the seas of the Indian Ocean, BOD Severomorsk will stay for more than two months. Its crew will perform a number of military-diplomatic tasks, as well as ensure the safety of civilian shipping in the Gulf of Aden. Also several business visits to the ports of the coastal and island states of Africa and Asia are planned.

Until mid-September, the BCP “Severomorsk” acted as part of the permanent grouping of the Russian Navy ships in the Mediterranean Sea. Earlier this month, his crew took part in a large-scale exercise of the Russian Navy and successfully completed a number of anti-submarine missions.

During the campaign, the North Sea will continue to improve naval training, operational and combat training, as well as conduct a series of exercises of anti-terrorist and rescue.

Since the beginning of the long-distance cruise, the Severomorsk BOD has traveled more than fifteen and a half thousand nautical miles.