Flotilla 36F inaugurates its Wall of Fame

September 27, 2018 (Google Translation) – On September 19, 2018, Flotilla 36F inaugurated its hunting board entitled ” Wall of Fame ” which lists the great missions that have marked the spirits of the sailors of the sky since its creation in 1995.

More than 180 operations highlighted since 1995

Between operations to fight against drug trafficking, piracy, illegal fishing or maritime rescue missions through the release of hostages, more than 180 operations are highlighted.

Rear-Admiral Goutay, commander of the Naval Air Force, Commander Fr. Damien Sanson, Commander 36F, and Captain (CV) Frédéric Bordier, Commander of the Hyères Air Base, salute the guard of honor at the beginning of the 36F’s “Wall of Fame” ceremony. On September 19, 2018, the 36F flotilla inaugurated a summary table of the facts of weapon having marked the spirits since its creation. This ceremony was held under the chairmanship of Rear Admiral Goutay, commander of the Naval Air Force, and former commanders of the 36F in the naval aviation base of Hyères. The perfect opportunity to reward the sailors of the unit who participated in the last operations.

Among them, one can quote the remarkable intervention in June 2008 on a sailboat where 2 hostages were released and 7 arrested pirates. During May 2010, a crew of the 36F flotilla participated in the arrest of 11 pirates and the seizure of 15 weapons in 3 skiffs off the Horn of Africa. We can also mention the operation against drug traffickers in November 2016, where a fast go carrying 780 kilos of cocaine was intercepted.

Under the chairmanship of Rear-Admiral Guillaume Goutay and former commanders of the 36F , the Commander of the Flotilla, Commander of the Flotilla Damien Sanson, wished to congratulate and reward the sailors of the unit who participated in the last operations:

“This plaque was inaugurated to pay tribute to the elders who built this flotilla, who shaped the capabilities of actions. Each generation has made its contribution by adapting the tool and the skills to the means. The results of these actions are visible by several prisms: the hunting board is the representation of the operational successes of the Flotilla. This table illustrates some of the great successes of naval aviation. It is important to preserve the memory. This inauguration ceremony was also an opportunity to bring together some of the 36F’s former commanders and former sailors. “