Pella Delivers Project 16609 RB-2186

September 25, 2018 (Google Translation) – The raid tug “RB-2186” of Project 16609, page 633, was delivered to the place of basing in the Far East and handed over to the State customer.

The tugboat is designed to perform towing and crocheting operations in the port, on raids and coastal areas corresponding to the navigation area R2 (navigation in maritime areas with a distance of not more than 100 miles from the place of refuge), removing vessels and ships from the shallows, extinguishing fires on floating objects and coastal structures, as well as walking in a rarefied one-year ice 0.6-0.8 m thick.

Technical specifications
Length overall 28.5 m
Width overall 9.5 m
Draft Sediment 4.48 m
Speed OK. 12 knots
Draft force on a hook not less than 39 tons
Glyph of class KM    Arc4 R2 АUT1 Tug on the classification of PC
The propulsion complex VRK US 205/3080 FP, the UFS in the nozzle
Power 2х1500 kW at 1600 rpm

Deck equipment:


  • bow anchor-tow-mooring winch with pulling force on the first layer of the drum 100 kN and holding force on the brake 1383 kN;
  • A towing hook GMH-75 with a pulling force of 481kN and a quick-impact device.


The tug is also equipped with a HM 6/3 S crane, 910 kg lifting capacity at the boom extension of 6.09 m. 
For extinguishing fires, the ship is equipped with an external fire extinguishing system (capacity 800 m3 / h, 2 water guns, water curtain system).