Naval aeronautics: Franco-British training off Brest

September 26, 2018 (Google Translation) РOn September 18, 2018, training between the Royal Navy and the sailors of the sky took place off Pointe Finistère. An Atlantic 2 Flotilla 23F , 2 Rafale Marine Flotilla 12F and the British frigate HMS Dragon , took advantage of this mission to conduct a joint exercise of anti-ship.

Taking off, Atlantic 2 , using all its sensors, began a search patrol of the British frigate. After a thorough search and investigation of many surface vessels, the maritime patrol crew positioned the English frigate precisely and allowed the sailors of the 12F and Atlantic 2 flotilla to make several simulated shots. .

The exercise was a real training opportunity for the training sessions. The HMS Dragon , which was navigating to an operational mission, made a large contribution. This exercise illustrated the excellent Franco-British cooperation.