Because of the bad weather, additional security measures were taken in the Baltic Fleet

September 26, 2018 (Google Translation) – Due to the unfavorable climate forecast in the basing and dislocation areas of the forces of the Baltic Fleet in the territory of the Kaliningrad region, measures were taken to prepare ships for increased wind and excitement.

On warships and ships, additional mooring ends are added, the duty watch service is strengthened, the ships are sealed and the equipment of the upper decks is fixed in a storm fashion, charts of atmospheric pressure and wind speed are maintained. Also tested and ready for use are the means of struggle for survivability, the emergency batches are brought into increased combat readiness.

Particular attention is paid to ensuring the uninterrupted supply of electricity to military installations and towns.

Stormy weather will not affect the combat readiness of the Baltic Fleet’s formations and military units, the fleet’s on-duty forces are serving in normal mode.

According to the hydrometeorological center of the Baltic Fleet, today in the afternoon the west, south-west wind is expected to grow to 23 meters per second. Excitement of the sea will reach 5 points.