RFS Vitse-Admiral Kulakov Arrives at Kotelny Island

September 24, 2018 (Google Translation) – Ships providing the Northern Fleet, members of the Arctic group, arrived at the island of Kotelny, the archipelago of the Novosibirsk Islands.

In the Laptev Sea, the crews of ships and vessels will provide tactical exercises, as well as conduct a number of general combat training activities.

The day before, a detachment led by a large anti-submarine ship “Vitse-Admiral Kulakov” successfully crossed the ice-dangerous regions of the East Siberian Sea, as well as the Sannikov Strait, accompanied by the Vaigach nuclear icebreaker.

Ice reconnaissance along the route was carried out by the crew of the search and rescue helicopter Ka-27PS from the side of the BCP “Vice Admiral Kulakov”. The helicopters relayed information about the ice situation and recommended a safe direction for the movement of the grouping.

Thanks to the correctly laid course, taking into account hydrometeorological forecasts and ice reconnaissance data, the navigation of ships and vessels mainly passed through open water in safe navigation conditions.

In total during the Arctic long-distance campaign ships and ships of the Northern Fleet passed more than seven thousand miles.