2018 education campaigns for Navy officers and non-commissioned officers concluded

September 22, 2018 (Google Translation) – Today the students and crews on board Vespucci, Palinuro, De La Penne, Orsa Maggiore, Caroly and Corsaro II were able to embrace their family members.

With the stop in the port of Livorno today the 2018 Education Campaigns have been completed , held on board the ships Vespucci, Palinuro, De La Penne, Caroly, Corsaro II and Orsa Maggiore in favor of young officers, officers and non-commissioned officers of the Navy, parties last July from the different naval bases to complete the training process through an intense didactic-training program.

“The term of the training Campaigns carried out operationally represents, for the Naval Academy and for those of the NCOs, the achievement of a stage , of a goal marked by advancing the career progression, from ascending a first or a subsequent step In the career there will be many other periods of embarkation on the Naval Units, but the experiences, the moments, the events that have seen you protagonists in these months will remain carved in your mind and in your heart. They will constitute a baggage, the most important baggage of the your life in the Marina . ”

With these words the Chief of Staff of the Navy , Admiral of team Valter Girardelli gave his personal welcome to all the men and women, who during the summer have sailed in a vast area of ​​sea between Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean, Black Sea and seas of Northern Europe, covering a total of almost 40,000 miles .

Together with the crews and the students, the admiral Girardelli, following the ceremony to conclude the campaigns held this morning on board Vespucci, greeted the many relatives and friends present on the quay of the Porto Mediceo of Livorno to welcome with great emotion and enthusiasm “their sailors”.

Nave Vespucci , defined by everyone as “the most beautiful ship in the world”, brought the Unicef ​​flag in never touched seas and reaching another goal of its 87-year history: the crossing, for the first time, of the Club Polar Arctic , also visiting some ports in Iceland, France, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Nave Palinuro brought with him the flag of the Gaslini of Genoa, received last May 17 on the occasion of 80 years of the Institute, in the Black Sea and making several stops including Kefalonia, where the crew and the non-commissioned students were able to pay tribute to the Italian soldiers who fell at the end of the Second World Conflict.

The destroyer Durand De La Penne participated in the Maritime Safe Operation “Sea Safe” allowing the 123 officers of the second class of the Navy Academy boarded to get in touch with the operational reality of the Armed Forces, before continuing the navigation towards the Gulf of Guine to ensure presence and surveillance in a geographical area significant for the influence it exerts on the Mediterranean.

Equally interesting were the education campaigns of the smaller sailing schools , with the aspiring Navy Academy guardians on board, which among other things participated in international sporting competitions, recording important placings: while Nave Caroly – who this year celebrates the 70th anniversary of the launch – he visited some of the ADRION countries like Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia, the Orsa Maggiore has touched Lisbon and Ponta Delgada in Portugal, as well as Valencia and Santa Cruz, in Spain, this latter nation which also saw the participation of Nave Corsaro II at the “Classic Sailing Regatta Mallorca” .

During the stops in the ports of Africa, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, the crews and the cadets Officers and NCOs in formation of the Navy represented the Made in Italy and were repaid by the strong affection of the Italian communities living in abroad. In fact, there were almost 70,000 visitors who had the opportunity to board the ships and there were also numerous cultural and promotional events organized with the collaboration of the diplomatic representatives that allowed, among other things, to show Italian excellence and the prestige of the Italian Armed Forces.

The educational campaigns represent a key element in the training of the personnel of the Navy which is engaged both in navigation and during the stops in the various national and foreign ports in numerous educational and training activities – such as those carried out in the field of maritime disciplines , professional and ethical-military training – in order to incorporate the values ​​of loyalty, discipline and sense of duty that, yesterday as today, continue to inspire the men and women of the sea and to acquire the importance of teamwork , which characterizes each sailor in the performance of the tasks of the armed force serving the community .

At the end of the stop in Livorno Vespucci ship will sail towards Naples to participate in the Naples Shipping Week , an event dedicated to international shipping to which speakers of great prestige will contribute from the business, scientific and academic, and then will reach Trieste to take part in the 50th edition of the Barcolana , while the other school ships will return to the respective allocation bases of Taranto , La Spezia and La Maddalena .