Baltic Fleet Exercises With Coastal Defenses of Kaliningrad

September 23, 2018 (Google Translation) – The Baltic Fleet is completing a planned camp gathering of the units of the missile forces and artillery of the army corps. More than 700 servicemen and more than 200 pieces of military equipment of artillery and missile units of the corps, as well as marines of the fleet, were involved in combat training at several ranges in the Kaliningrad region.

During the planned field exit, artillerymen and missile men carried out more than 200 different fire missions using Grad rocket launcher systems, Hyacinth large-caliber cannons, self-propelled artillery mounts Acacia, Gvozdika, Pion, Nona, mortars “Tray” and other artillery weapons. In addition to combat shooting, the crews and combat crews worked off the march, met the standards for deploying and occupying firing positions, their engineering equipment and camouflage.

The aim of the exercises was to gradually integrate artillery and missile units, improve combat training of personnel, increase the practical skills of commanders in controlling fire during defense and offense. The artillerymen worked out day and night shooting complexes on targets, performed test drills in firing tests as part of units.

Until the end of the month the artillerymen and missilemen will hold several more planned exercises, after which they will start returning to the places of permanent deployment.