Russian Northern Fleet Trains in Anti-Sabotage Defense

September 20, 2018 – The crews of the ships of the Arctic grouping of the Northern Fleet, led by the commander of the Kola Flotilla, Vice Admiral Oleg Golubev, from the side of the flagship ship – BKK “Vice Admiral Kulakov”, conducted a doctrine on anti-sabotage defense when parking in an unprotected raid.

The doctrine took place during a stopover in the Vankar settlement in the Chukchi Sea, where the ships replenished the water and fuel supplies from the tanker “Sergei Osipov”.

The main purpose of the exercise was to test the organization of anti-sabotage defense of a detachment of ships and vessels when parking in an unprotected raid.

On board the large anti-submarine ship “Vice Admiral Kulakov”, large landing ships “Kondopoga” and “Aleksandr Ozerkovskiy” were put on watch posts monitoring the water area, installed multi-barreled grenade launchers for the destruction of conventional submarine saboteurs. Wollow stations were also equipped, where the combat swimmers of units for combating submarine sabotage forces and conventional enemy weapons were ready for action.

During the exercise, the North Sea Fleet worked out preventive grenade launchers and shooting at small-scale surface targets from conventional small arms.

After carrying out the exercise and completing replenishment of supplies from the tanker, the ships and vessels of the Arctic group formed a marching warrant to make the transition along the route of the Northern Sea Route to the west.