Baltic Fleet Ka-27 Helicopters Conduct Deck Landing Training With RFS Sobystvitelny

September 20, 2018 (Google Translation) – In the Baltic Sea, the crews of the Ka-27 helicopters of the Baltic Fleet’s naval aviation worked on the deck of the corvette “Sobystvitelny”. During the exercise with the corvette of the Baltic Fleet pilots shipborne helicopters made more than 20 landings on the ship in drift and on the move, some of which – in the dark.

Night flights occupy a special place in the helicopter crew training program. Each pilot must have the skills to control the helicopter in conditions of reduced visibility, when it is necessary to perform a flight mission, to make safe takeoff and landing on the deck of the ship, being guided exclusively by instruments.

As part of the exercises, the pilots worked tactical methods of searching for and tracking submarines of the conventional enemy during the day and night, and also interacted with the ship in the performance of antisubmarine tasks.