Arctic group of Northern Fleet enters Chukchi Sea through Bering Strait

September 19, 2018 (Google Translation) – An Arctic group of the Northern Fleet commanded by Kola Flotilla Commander Vice Admiral Oleg Golubev on board of the major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov has entered the Chukchi Sea.

When passing the Bering Strait, ships and vessels maneuvered in formation and practiced anti-submarine warfare.

The detachment made up of warships and auxiliary vessels is sailing in severe hydro meteorological conditions in the Chukchi Sea. The bridge watch on all ships and vessels of the detachment is carried with special vigilance in strict accordance with the requirements of navigation safety in difficult weather conditions.

The detachment is steering to the Cape Vankarem. At the Cape it will replenish water and fuel supplies from the tanker Sergei Osipov.