Bilateral Training with Japanese Navy

September 13, 2018 (Google Translation) – On August 29, 2018, the Somme command and supply building (BCR) conducted training off the coast of Brittany with two ships of the Japanese navy: the frigate Makinami and the training ship Kashima.

These two vessels left the Yokosuka port on May 21 for a five-month school campaign for 200 junior officers graduating from the Maritime Officers Candidate School , the Japanese equivalent of the Naval Academy . Stopping in ten countries, traveling around 31,000 nautical miles, and crossing the Suez and Panama canals , the young Japanese officers are making a real tour of the world.

During their meeting, the French and Japanese ships conducted refueling training at sea (with passage of the rig, but without fuel transfer) and carried out tactical evolutions. In parallel, the 12F Flotilla’s Rafale Marine conducted low-altitude assault simulations.

The only European state bordering the Pacific Ocean, France shares with Japan a strategic culture focused on maritime issues. Since an “exceptional partnership” was created twenty years ago between the two countries, all the opportunities are seized to train and reinforce the military cooperation, that it is in the indo-Pacific space ( ARC17 amphibious exercise with the Jeanne d’Arc school group in 2017) or in metropolitan marine approaches (interactions between maritime patrol aircraft in Lorient last May).

As the year 2018 marked the 160 th anniversary of the establishment of Franco-Japanese diplomatic relations, training led by marine BCR Somme once again demonstrates the will of the two navies to enhance interoperability.