Black Sea Fleet Project 1124 ME Suzdalets Conducts ASW Training

September 12, 2018 (Google Translation) – As part of the implementation of the combat training plan, the crew of the small anti-submarine ship Suzdalets conducted a routine exercise to search for and detect unmanned radio-controlled underwater vehicles and controlled underwater mini-boats with a crew of up to three people in the Black Sea.

In the course of the exercise, measures were taken to find and detect targets using standard and special settings of sonar stations, allowing to determine the characteristics and classify underwater objects, disguised as elements of the bottom relief or marine fauna.

The aim of the exercise was to improve the skills to detect and neutralize ultra-small submarines that perform both spy and sabotage functions.

As the objects of the conventional adversary, underwater guided vehicles were used, which are in service with the rescue and rescue team of the Search and Rescue Department of the Black Sea Fleet.

The results of the exercises showed the readiness of the crew of the small anti-submarine ship “Suzdalets” to perform such tasks and the possibility of using the same type of ships for these purposes.