St. Petersburg Coast Guard cutter returns home after 59 days

September 9, 2018 – Coast Guard Cutter Resolute returned home Sunday to St. Petersburg following a 59-day patrol.

Resolute crew members patrolled more than 11,000 miles, providing a law enforcement presence in the Windward Passage and deterring illegal migrant departures as a part of Operation Southeast Watch.

In the Mona Passage, Resolute supported Operation Unified Resolve conducting counter drug operations and assisting in the search and rescue operations. Resolute also worked alongside Coast Guard Cutters Mohawk, Hamilton, and Reliance to ensure proper custody and care of suspected drug smugglers and contraband while awaiting transfer ashore for potential prosecution in the U.S.

A large portion of the patrol focused on training new crewmembers. Resolute trained in small boat pursuit tactics, law enforcement operations, damage control, medical response, ship handling, navigation, and other watch station skills to prepare the crew for various shipboard evolutions and emergency responses.

At the start of the patrol, Resolute completed an aviation standardization inspection during which inspectors verified that all equipment, logs, and training complied with Coast Guard regulations and best practices throughout the fleet. Resolute crew members conducted more than 300 helicopter evolutions including shipboard landing, vertical replenishment, and in-flight refueling resulting in the qualification of 15 pilots and 11 shipboard personnel.

Resolute is a 210-foot Reliance class cutter, homeported in St. Petersburg and has a crew of 78.