Frigate Federico Martinengo Visits Maputo

September 9, 2018 (Google Translation) – Ship Federico Martinengo, seventh class FREMM (European Multi Mission Mission Frigate) of the Navy, will visit the port of Maputo from 8 to 11 September 2018.

After three years a unit from the Navy, after traveling more than 5000 nautical miles, arrives on the shores of Mozambique to bring the tricolor and national excellence.

The stop in the Port of Maputo is configured in a broader project for the development of cooperation relations between the two countries, the search for future opportunities for joint training and enhancement of mutual knowledge, so as to favor the level of interoperability between the Armed Forces of the two States.

will also be an opportunity to show the latest FREMM delivered to the Navy and promote the country system in an international context.
Nave Martinengo, at the height of its first cycle of use, from 6 August participates in the first operational deployment outside the area and the usual national gravity basins, thus completing a path during which, passing through the operational sea training at the Training Center of the Navy, he obtained the certification for participation in the operational missions and tested his First Crew. He will return to his homeland in December.

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