Russian Baltic Fleet Conducts Anti-Aircraft Defense Exercise

September 5, 2018 (Google Translation) – Within the framework of the planned tactical training of the diverse forces of the Baltic naval base, the large landing ships of the Baltic Fleet successfully worked out tasks to repel the attacks of the air attacks of the conventional enemy.

In one of the sea ranges in the Baltic Sea, the shipborne landing group of the large landing craft (KGB) Korolev, Alexander Shabalin and Minsk successfully carried out a complex of measures to repel the air raid of the “enemy”.

During the exercise by the crews of the BDK, electronic warfare (EW) means were activated, active and passive interference was set. By means of shipborne anti-aircraft weapons, conditional air targets were taken for escorting and destroyed with the help of AK-176 artillery systems.

The final stage of combat training for a group of landing ships will be the landing of a sea assault on the unequipped coast. The crews of the ships will also conduct conditional fire support for the landing from the ship’s artillery and the reaction complexes “Groza”.