JMSDF on Trends of Russian Navy Vessels

September 3, 2018 (Google Translation) – From Wednesday, August 29 (Wednesday) around 2 AM to August 30 (Thursday) around 8 AM,
“Makiri” belonging to the SDF No. 15 escort group (Otomine) and belonging to the second air group “P-3C”
(Hachinohe) confirmed the following 14 Russian Navy ships.

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(1) From around 2 o’clock on August 29 (Wednesday) to around 3:30 in the morning, about northwest of Rebun Island
One Steregsichy class frigate eastward traveling 110 km waters, Gresha
Two Class V mini frigates, six Tarantul Class III missile escort patrol boats, Dub
1 class Supply ship, 1 Baclasan class rescue ship, 1 Ingle-class rescue ship
And one Obi-class hospital ship 13 vessels in total
(2) From August 29 (Wednesday) around 11:00 to August 30 (Thursday) around 8:00 am,
One kilo class submarine north eastward traveling about 80 km west of Rebun Island
Later it confirmed that these ships navigated the Sōya Strait.
Furthermore, the Stregschy class frigate is the one that we confirmed for the first time as the Maritime Self Defense Force