Baltic Fleet’s training ship Perekop to cross Arctic Ocean

September 2, 2018 (Google Translation) – The Baltic Fleet’s training ship Perekop will cross the Arctic Ocean within a distant cruise. Her crew has made the first-ever passage through the Bering Strait between the two continents – Eurasia and North America.

Having called to the main base of the Pacific Fleet Submarine Forces in Kamchatka, the training ship Perekop continued her distant cruise, completed her sailing in the Pacific Ocean, passed through the treacherous Bering Strait and entered the Arctic Ocean. Having reached the Chukchi Sea, the ship’s crew and cadets aboard began their first voyage along the Northern Sea Route to the port of Severomorsk.

The training ship is providing maritime practice for some 150 cadets of the Pacific Higher Naval School named after Admiral S.O. Makarov.

Earlier, within her first voyage around Eurasia, the training ship Perekop passed from Kronstadt to Sevastopol, and then to Vladivostok. The ship passed through three oceans and 16 seas, having covered about 20 thousand nautical miles. While sailing, the ship visited Indonesia, Sri Lanka and for the very first time Papua New Guinea. The ship arrived in the Primorye Territory capital on 3 June, left Vladivostok for Korsakov on 9 August, then she sailed to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and further to the Northern Fleet. The cruise is led by Rear Admiral Oleg Zhuravlyov, Chief of the Pacific Higher Naval School named after Admiral S.O. Makarov.