New Caledonia: D’Entrecasteaux in support of a hydrographic mission

August 30, 2018 (Google Translation) – From August 17 to 27, 2018, the D’Entrecasteaux multi-mission building (B2M) supported the Pacific Oceanographic Group (GOP). Deployed in the Chesterfields i , the objective of this mission was to recover hydrographic data in these still badly watered or even non-hydrographed waters.

For this purpose, personnel and equipment (boats, tide gauges, GPS station) were embarked aboard the B2M. The main asset for this mission is the loading of a GOP star equipped with a multibeam sounder and capable of performing accurate and faster hydrographic surveys . Its implementation since the D’Entrecasteaux has opened and validated a new area of ​​employment.

The information gathered will lead to the opening of recommended lanes and anchorage zones, thus enabling the Navy’s vessels to navigate safely during their future patrols in this part of the New Caledonia exclusive economic zone.

i The Chesterfield is a reef zone located 350 Nq of the Mainland and from the order of 14 August 2018, is part of the protected area of the Park of the Coral Sea.