Russian Navy Equipment Showing at Army-2018 IMTFt Completed

August 26, 2018 (Google Translation) – Today Kronstadt completed demonstration of the Naval modern samples models of weapons, military and special hardware as part of the regional program within of the Army 2018 International Military Technical Forum.

The forum venues in Kronstadt were visited by some 10,000 people, who were able to see and go aboard newest combat ships and boats. The demo water program made it possible to observe the ships and boats’ maneuvers every day while various tasks being performed at sea.

Demonstration of weapons and military hardware attracted great interest by the public, as well as by visits to the Navy’s ships, boats and vessels of at the wharves.

The Navy presented state-of-the-art armaments, military and special equipment inside the historical city. The Kronstadt water area hosted over 15 warships and auxiliary vessels. Among them there were the newest corvette Sobrazitelny, small missile ship Serpukhov, counter-sabotage boat Nakhimovets, amphibious, patrol and special boats, as well as auxiliary vessels and high-speed boats. Within the dynamic showing, visitors could see some spectacular episodes, including the ships and boats’ passage and demonstration of their firepower, landing an assault group, reaching the artillery fire distance, mine sweeping and exploding the floating mine, release of the vessel seized by pirates, rendering assistance to the distressed ship.

The forum included a wide cultural program participated by ensembles. Also the forum involved different sports events.