Two Project 12418 FACs Being Modernized

August 27, 2018 (Google Translation from PTS Bastion) – At the forum “Army-2018” in the exposition of the “Kalashnikov” concern JSC “Shipyard” Vympel “for the first time introduced the model of the missile boat of project 12418. Two such boats are currently being completed at the plant under the amended project.

As it is known in mid-2016, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and JSC Shipbuilding Plant Vympel signed a contract for the modernization and repair of two Molniya missile boats of Project 12418. The Molniya will be equipped with modern means of navigation and communications and armament. The architecture of the ship will change, habitability will improve. Boats were originally intended for a foreign customer, but the contract was canceled, and the domestic Navy became interested in ready-made hulls.

TsMKB “Almaz” (St. Petersburg) carried out the adjustment of the technical project to the requirements of the state customer. Instead of obsolete PCR “Mosquito” for the updated “Lightning” will deliver a complex of “Uranus” with eight universal missiles X-35U with a range of flight up to 260 km.

Until early 2019, the fleet will receive two modernized large missile boats (corvette) of the legendary Soviet project 1241 Molniya.