Corvette “Barroso” participates in missions in Africa

August 20, 2018 (Google Translation) – On August 17, the Brazilian Task Force (WG), composed of the “Barroso” Corvette, a UH-12 “Esquilo” helicopter and a Combat Divers Detachment, began transit to the African continent where it will carry out operations ATLASUR XI, IBSAMAR VI and will visit the Port of Maputo (Mozambique). The GT will be commanded by the Commander of the 2nd Escort Squadron, Sea Captain and War Sérgio Blanco Ozório.

ATLASUR is an operation carried out every two years by the Argentine, South African, Brazilian and Uruguayan navies, and its purpose is to carry out military exercises to consolidate the presence of participants in the South Atlantic. The eleventh edition takes place in the period between August 31 and September 20.

Following the completion of the ATLASUR operation, the “Barroso” Corvette will visit the Port of Maputo, Mozambique, where it will attend various events scheduled in the context of the Brazilian Foreign Policy, in support of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries.

Finally, the ship will participate in the IBSAMAR Operation, which has been held every two years since 2008, and will include the operational resources of the navies of India, South Africa and Brazil. The drills will be held between October 1 and October 13 on the South African coast and the ports of Simon’s Town and Cape Town will be employed in South Africa.

The “Barroso”, which participates for the third time of IBASAMAR, is the newest escort ship of the Brazilian Navy, designed and built in the Country, and incorporated in 2008. The ship has autonomy of 30 days and 8 thousand kilometers radius of action . The Corvette has 4.5 “and 40mm cannons, Torpedo Launch System, Decoy Missile Launch System ( Chaff ), and the ability to operate aircraft. It is prepared to be employed in Antiaircraft Warfare, Anti-Surface, Anti-Submarine and Oppose Asymmetric Threats. The crew consists of 22 officers and 125 squares and its Commander is the Frigate Captain Eugenio Campos Huguenin.