Brazilian Navy ends participation in PANAMAX 2018 in the United States

August 15, 2018 (Google Translation) – On August 10, the closing ceremony of the multinational PANAMAX 2018 operation in the United States was held. This year, Rear Admiral Cozzolino was the Commander of the Combined Component Maritime Force (CFMCC).

PANAMAX was attended by representatives from 23 countries. The Joint Chiefs of Staff consisted of about 300 military personnel, all gathered at the Mayport North American Naval Station, located in Jacksonville, Florida. For the exercise, 53 ships of various classes, such as amphibians, escorts, patrols, logistical support and coastal patrol boats were adjudicated in a simulated manner.

“I am honored to have worked with all of you. I was impressed with Brazil’s level of preparation since the first day of PANAMAX, “said Admiral Guillermo Barrera, a US Naval War College instructor and senior mentor for the operation. “It was two weeks of intense learning and exchange of experiences. Now, each one takes to their country a little of what they have learned here, “he concluded.

PANAMAX is a multinational exercise set up in 2003. A fictitious crisis scenario is generated in the vicinity of the Panama Canal, when the UN Security Council promulgates a resolution establishing a multinational force for the restoration of navigation safety in the next maritime air to the channel.

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