BAP Río Cenepa Joins Fourth Naval District

August 22, 2018 (Google Translation) – On August 20 in the morning, the arrival ceremony of the “Río Cenepa” Naval Unit (ABP-339) was carried out, which will be incorporated into the Fluvial Component of the Command of the Fourth Naval Zone. The event was chaired by Rear Admiral Herman Oyarce Arescurenaga, who was accompanied by the main authorities of the Region.

After the ceremony, the Commander of the Fourth Naval Zone, invited the attendees to embark on the unit to make a tour. During the navigation, the naval authority indicated to them the great work that the “Río Cenepa” will do, which will actively contribute to reinforce the actions of interdiction and fluvial control in the Amazon, support in case of natural disasters and social actions.

It is worth noting that this unit is an auxiliary boat type motochata fluvial, 30 meters long (length) and 6 meters wide (width) destined to transport fuel. Due to its versatility, it will also be used to bring aid to the different localities of our rivers, which are difficult to access and in this way contribute to the social work carried out by the Peruvian Navy for the benefit of the population of the Ucayali region; as well as combating illegal mining, illegal logging and the repression of illegal activities.