Danish Royal Yacht Visits Faroe Islands

August 23, 2018 – The royal ship Dannebrog got royal salute and parade from the inspectorate Hvidbjørnen when the ship arrived at Torshavn with His Royal Highness Crown Prince and family on board.

By Lars Bøgh Vinther, vfk-kom.

The Faroe Islands started a well-prepared visit of the Crown Prince family on Thursday morning, but before the arrival at Torshavn, the crew was at Hvidbjørnen which offered the royal welcome with 21 shots from the cannon, parade and cheer. Thus, there was a formally formulated conquest, “says White Bear driver, Commander Captain Jan Olav Skogøy. 

“This means that the hunting captain at Dannebrog now has two ships in its division. The royal salute and paradeship is a ceremonial way of showing the royal house and the throne followers respect. 

Deputy Commander and Chief

Together with the ship’s deputy commander and the officer who carries out the work as a ceremony, the inspection ship has prepared the kingdoms last days. Among other things, the four goats at the salut canons trained to launch and firing with just five seconds between the shots.

“It did not go well at the start,” says Constable Jens from Silkeborg, but as we switched from short exercise cartridges to the right, we managed to keep the rhythm without cuddle stuck. 

Salut team with ceremony master Rasmus

The 21 shots outside of Torshavn were fired perfectly, so the extra shots were not needed in reserve. 


In addition to the great welcome, Faroese weather showed itself from its most distinctive side. At minute intervals there were blue skies and sunsets, rain showers and dark clouds. It gave no less than two rainbows over the King’s ship, as only the crew on Hvidbjørn and Faroese Brimil experienced. 

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HGXuZNCQWI[/embedyt]

In the wake of 300 meters behind Hvidbjørn followed the Faroese inspection ship Brimil, which is not formally included in the royal division.

The white bear follows the king’s ship during the entire Crown Prince family’s visit until Sunday, where it once again becomes the day of the crew, with sovereignty assertion, fisheries inspection and other tasks posed by the Arctic Command.