ESPS Centinella Deploys to Gulf of Guinea Patrol

August 17, 2018 (Google Translation) – Last Thursday, August 16, the tall patrol Centinella sailed from the dock number 2 of the Military Arsenal of Ferrol, to begin her deployment on the west coast of Africa and the Gulf of Guinea.

The act of farewell was presided over by the Commander of the Units of the Maritime Action Force in Ferrol, Captain Jose Fernando Suarez Fonseca.

With this deployment, the navy vessel intends to reinforce the maritime security activities in the area, as well as the capacities of the coastal countries, through military cooperation activities and cooperative security. The purpose of these activities is to improve the capabilities of these countries so that they can face on their own the existing threats in the area, such as piracy, immigration and illegal fishing, and that can also put the national interests of Spain at risk .

During these four months, it will contribute to improving Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea and West Africa, monitoring maritime traffic, making a naval presence and supporting Spanish flagship and vessels in areas currently affected by piracy, immigration and illegal fishing.

The Defense Diplomacy Plan (DD) is a plan made by the Ministry of Defense at a bilateral level with the allied countries and partners of Spain, with the purpose of promoting compliance with the objectives of the defense policy such as the prevention of conflicts or strengthening of security capabilities.