Pacific Fleet warships address challenges in the Sea of Okhotsk

August 20, 2018 (Google Translation) – The Pacific Fleet’s surface force consisting of the Guards missile cruiser Varyag, destroyer Bystriy, the major ASW ships Admiral Tributs, Admiral Vinogradov and Admiral Panteleyev started to carry out tasks in the Sea of Okhotsk.

While sailing from Vladivostok, the ships supported by Ka-27 ASW helicopters conducted an ASW exercise on searching and tracking a mock enemy’s submarine, worked out the ship unit’s air defence, improved joint tactical maneuvering, trained to help the ship in mock distress.

As part of the planned test tactical drill of the surface action group, its ships will train a set of joint missile and artillery firings in combat training zones.

In the course of accomplishing tasks, ships of the Pacific Fleet’s largest formation are scheduled to cooperate with ships and aircraft of the Troops and Forces in North-Eastern Russia.