Pella OJSC will present new promising projects at the IV International Military Technical Forum “Army-2018”

The open joint-stock company “Leningrad Shipbuilding Plant Pella” will traditionally take part in the IV International Military Technical Forum “ARMYA-2018”, which will be held in the COC Patriot (Kubinka, Moscow region) from August 21 to 26, 2018.
The ARMYA Forum is rightfully one of the priority Russian and international events in the sphere of exhibitions of arms, military and special equipment, uniting on its site all leading Russian and also foreign manufacturers of military products. The forum provides a unique opportunity for direct dialogue between industry and the military.

The rescue vessel project 02981E is designed for a wide range of tasks:

This year, 3 new promising projects will be presented in the exposition of Pella OJSC:

    • Rescue vessel of project 02981E (export version)
    • Small rocket ship of project 22800E “Karakurt-E” (export version)
    • Small marine tanker of project 03184
    • execution of additional search for sunken underwater emergency objects by means of a towed underwater vehicle;
    • execution of doposka and lifting on board the descent vehicles of space objects;
    • a survey of the state of the underwater emergency facility using a remotely controlled underwater vehicle;
    • maintenance of vital functions of the crew of an underwater emergency facility lying on the ground;
    • performance of works on rescue of crew of underwater emergency object by means of the autonomous life-saving underwater vehicle;
    • search and rescue of the crew that surfaced on the surface in SWR;
    • search and rescue of people floating on the water in individual and collective life-saving appliances;
    • decompression procedures of the rescued crew with the help of a stationary decompression plant with the placement in it of at least 40 people withdrawn from the underwater facility with an overpressure of up to 0.6 MPa (6 kgf / sq. cm) and an undesirable contaminant in the atmosphere ;
    • medical assistance to the rescued crew in the hospital compartment;
    • accommodation of the rescued crew in cabins with the subsequent transportation to the coastal basing point;
    • performance of rescue and underwater technical diving operations at depths of up to 60 m using a mobile diving complex in a container version;
    • performance of subsea engineering works at depths of up to 1000 m using a mobile TNPA of the working class in container design;
    • the recovery of sunken objects with a mass of up to 20 tons from a depth of up to 1000 meters using the feed portal;
    • support and support of ship-lifting works;
    • fire extinguishing at surface emergency facilities with the help of a stationary external fire extinguishing system;
    • implementation of ocean and sea towing of surface emergency facilities;
    • maintaining and restoring the stability of surface emergency facilities afloat;
    • the removal of vessels and ships from the shallows;
    • carrying out of cargo transportation in standard containers in the interests of supplying fleet forces in remote areas.

For the prompt delivery of the victim to the coastal basing point, a helicopter pad is provided on the vessel for an occasional reception of a ship search and rescue helicopter.To search for an emergency facility and rescue the crew of an underwater emergency facility, the ship is equipped with a towed sonar of the IJETEKh type, a small remote controlled underwater search apparatus such as Falcon, an autonomous inhabited submarine of the DIPVORKER type, autonomy of at least 80 hours and a life-saving underwater vehicle of the BESTER type.

The 22800E small rocket ship “Karakurt-E” is designed to conduct combat operations in the near sea zone and participate in the peacetime tasks.

Main goals:

      • defeat of critical enemy targets in the coastal zone;
      • destruction of combat surface ships, ships and enemy boats independently and in cooperation with other forces;
      • destruction of artificial stationary and floating objects of the enemy;
      • reflection of the attacks of enemy air attacks by own means. Additional tasks:
      • the fight against subversive and terrorist forces;
      • search, rescue crews in distressed ships (ships) and aircraft;
      • Assistance to the sea units of the border troops (coast guard) in solving tasks to protect the state border. 
        In the export form, the ship is represented by three main options:

        Technical characteristics / armament

        Option 1

        Option 2

        Option 3

        Overall length, m

        about 67.0

        Width is the greatest, m

        about 11.0

        Full displacement, t

        about 870

        about 860

        about 900

        Speed, knots

        up to 30

        up to 35

        Combat economic movement (BEC), knots


        Main Engines


        and М70ФРУ

        MTU2x2 20V4000TE93 
        or 20V1163TV93 
        and GE LM1500

        Diesel Generators

        3хДГАС 315

        MTU 3×300 kW

        Range, miles

        about 2500 
        (with the BEH and the total fuel supply)

        about 2800 
        (with the BEH and the total fuel supply)

        Autonomy, day

        12 (on food stocks)

        Staffing, people


        Anti-aircraft missile-artillery systems

        Ship-borne Zraq 

        (for the option 
        without AU-AK-630M)

        Marine Automated Zak “Palm”


        30 mm automatic 
        AC AU-630M 
        – 2 pcs., 
        Or AU-AK-630M2 
        – 1 pc.

        AU AK-176MA – 1 к-т

        OU OTO Melara 
        76 mm – 1 pc.

        Service life, years


        The small marine tanker project 03184 is designed for receiving, storing, transporting and transferring liquid cargoes (low viscosity diesel fuel, oil, fresh water) to the vessels, collecting bilge, sewage, sewage, waste oil, supplying ships with barrels, boxes (on pallets) and in containers (option), collection of dry debris and food waste (option). The tanker’s cargo system allows simultaneous operations with two types of cargo.

        Also at the stand of the shipyard there will be presented an export version of the patrol boat of the project 03160E and, already mastered in series production, a line of tugs: starting 
        from the smallest – a compact 20-meter raft tug project 04690 
        to the 48- meter liferaft tug of the project PS-45 (02980) .