Navantia Delivers Latest BAM Class OPV Audaz

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This morning, the ceremony of delivery to the Navy of the fifth Maritime Action Ship (BAM), the “Audaz” (P-45) took place in San Fernando. The ceremony was chaired by Ángel Olivares Ramírez, Secretary of State for Defense and was attended by the Government Delegate in Andalusia, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, Admiral Chief of Staff of the Navy (AJEMA), Admiral General Teodoro López Calderón, of the President of NAVANTIA Susana Sarriá Sopeña and of the General Director of Armament and Material (DIGAM), Admiral Santiago Ramón González Gómez, as well as other civil and military authorities.

After the arrival of the guests and the military authorities, the Secretary of Defense went to the podium where they were awarded the ordinance honors. He then reviewed the force present in the ceremony accompanied by the AJEMA. He then received the rest of the civilian authorities in attendance, beginning the act of delivering the ship to the Navy.

The ceremony began with an inspection of the ship by a commission of the Navy, which gave the novelty to the DIGAM, followed by the signing of the delivery documentation, from NAVANTIA to the DGAM, and transfer from the Ministry of Transport. Defense to the Chief Admiral of the Arsenal of Cádiz. After the takeover of his position by the Commander of the Vessel, Lieutenant Commander Emilio Damiá Marques, we proceeded to the blessing and delivery of the flag to the ship.

The act was completed with the embarkation of the new envelope on the ship, the raising of its flag and the parade of the Force present before the authorities.

“Audaz”, whose launching took place on March 30 of last year, is the first of the two vessels of the extension to the BAM program of the Spanish Navy, according to the execution order signed by the Government on November 21, 2014 .

The BAM, totally Spanish construction model, have stood out for their excellent performance in the international groupings in which they have been integrated, demonstrating their efficiency and operability in the most demanding scenarios.

The “Audaz”, like its predecessors, has 93.90 m in length, is endowed with high performance, flight cover and has an autonomy of food for 35 days. The latest generation Integrated Platform Control System developed by Navantia Sistemas allows its operation with a reduced endowment, specifically 46 men and women (including a health officer).

The missions for which the Maritime Action Ship is conceived are, on the one hand, maritime security in low intensity scenarios, with a capacity to dissuade and react to asymmetric or conventional threats and, on the other, to protect national maritime interests, collaborating with state security forces and other ministerial departments, in surveillance missions, rescue, humanitarian aid, fight against illegal traffic or fight against marine pollution.