JMSDF Training Squadron Visits Barcelona

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By Antoni Casinos

This Japanese naval division is in the midst of a midships instruction cruise around the world, commanding the flotilla is Rear Admiral Iroyuki Izumi, who in turn is the director of the Naval Academy of Etajima in the city of Hiroshima.

Makinami DD-112
Destroyer Makinami DD-112 (Antoni Casinos Va)

The Kashima and Makinami ships come from the Saudi port of Jeddah, from which they departed on July 17 and arrive in Barcelona on the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan. During their stay in Barcelona, ​​the crew of both ships will participate in various cultural events, highlighting the concert with which they will give to the people of Barcelona next Sunday, July 29, the band of the Naval School will go to the Portal of the Peace in front of the Columbus monument at 12 noon where they will offer a one hour recital.

The following planned destinations, except for some contingency, will be:

– Stockholm (Sweden), from 13 to 16 August 
– Helsinki (Finland), from August 17 to 20 
– Portsmouth (United Kingdom), from August 25 to 28 
– Norfolk (United States), from 9 to 13 September 
– Manzanillo (Mexico), from September 29 to October 2 
– Pearl Harbor (United States), from October 12 to 16 
– Yokosuka (Japan), October 30 and end of the trip

Kashima school ship

The Kashima school ship with numeral TV-3508, is unique in its kind and only one unit was built being the flagship of the training fleet of the Marine Self-Defense Forces of Japan with its base port located in Kure in the prefecture of Hiroshima

Kashima school ship accompanied by tugboats (Antoni Casinos Va)

This is the third vessel to bear this name in honor of the Kashima district in Ibaraki prefecture, the former being a pre-dreadnought battleship of 1906 and a light cruiser of 1940.

Technical characteristics

Class : Kashima 
Type : Ship 
shipyard Shipyard : Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Japan 
Launching : February 23, 1994 
High : January 26, 1995 
Displacement : 4,050 standard tons 
Dimensions : 143 x 18 x 4.6 meters. 
Propulsion : CODOG system (COmbined Diesel Or Gas, combined propulsion of diesel or gas), two Mitsubishi S16U-MTK diesel engines of 8,000 hp. plus two Rolls-Royce Spey SM1C gas turbines of 26,150 hp., with two axes; maximum speed of 25 knots and autonomy 7,000 nautical miles at 18 knots. 
Endowment : 370 crew, including 140 midshipmen. 
Armament: 1 Oda Breda gun of 76 mm., 2 triple torpedo tubes of 324 mm. and 4 40 mm salute cannons. 
Electronics : Melco OPS-14C Surface and Surface Discovery Radar, JRC OPS-18-1 Surface Discovery Radar, Fujitsu OPS-19 Navigation Radar, Type 2-22 Shot Control Radar; sound of helmet. 
Aircraft : it has a flight deck aft to operate with a light or medium type helicopter.

All ready for a courtesy visit (Antoni Casinos Va)

Destroyer Makinami

The Makinami destroyer belongs to the Takanami class, which in turn is an evolution of the Murasame class . The destroyers of the Takanami class were built in the period from 2000 to 2004 and a total of five units were produced. 
Its main task is the anti-submarine war, being able to also perform tasks of air defense and surface warfare.

The most outstanding differences with respect to the previous series of the Murasame class are a substantial improvement in their electronics with the installation of the OPS-24 three-dimensional aerial uncovering radar, a greater artillery capacity thanks to its 127 mm OTO Breda cannon. in front of 76 mm. of the Murasame and the replacement of the VLS missile launchers of the Mk models. 41 (for 16 ASROC missiles) and Mk. 48 (for 16 ESSM missiles) by one more polyvalent Mk. 41 of 32 cells.

CIWS system Phalanx left and missile launcher Mk. 41 right (Antoni Casinos Va)

The destroyer Makinami DD-112 is the third ship to bear this name, the first was a destroyer of the Yagumo class of 1941 and the second was another destroyer of the Ayanami class of 1960.

Technical characteristics

Takanami profile

Class : Takanami 
Type : Destroyer 
Shipyard : IHI Marine United, Yokohama, Japan. 
Launching : August 8, 2002 
High : March 18, 2004 
Displacement : 6,400 tons at full load. 
Dimensions : 151 x 17.4 x 5.3 meters. 
Propulsion : COGOG system (COmbined Gas or Gas, combined propulsion of gas or gas), 2 gas turbines Ishikawajima Harima LM-2500 of 41,630 hp. plus another two Kawasaki Rolls Royce Spey SM1C gas turbines of 43,000 hp. to two axes, its maximum speed is 30 knots. 
Provision : 175 between officers and sailors. 
Armament: 1 Breda OTO gun 127/54 mm., Two CIWS Phalanx Mk systems. 15 of 20 mm., 2 quad launchers for anti-ship missiles Type 90 / SSM-1B, 1 VLS launcher Mk. 41 of 32 cells for anti-aircraft missiles RIM-162 ESSM and / or anti-submarine missiles RUM-139 VL-ASROC, 2 triple torpedo launchers of 324 mm. HOS-302 for anti-submarine torpedoes Mk. 46 mod. 5.

OTO Breda gun 127 mm. of the destroyer Makinami (Antoni Casinos Va)

Electronics : Melco OPS-24B three-dimensional airborne radar, JRC OPS-28D surface uncovered radar, two FCS 2-3B fire direction radars and an OPS-20 navigation radar. Sonar helmet OQS-5 and sonar towed OQR-2. 
ECM / ESM systems: Nec NOLQ-2/3, decoy launchers Mk.36 SRBOC and anti-torpedo active countermeasures SLQ-25 Nixie.

Destroyer Makinami, a helicopter is vaguely appreciated inside the hangar (Antoni Casinos Va)

Aircraft : it has flight deck aft and hangar to operate with a Mitsubishi H-60 ​​/ SH-60J (K) Seahawk helicopter.