Northern Fleet have completed preparations for Arctic campaign

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Combat ships and support vessels of the Northern Fleet have completed a set of preparatory measures for the next long march along the seas of the Arctic Ocean.

At present, the raid of the main base of the Northern Fleet of the city of Severomorsk forms a detachment of ships and supply vessels. The squad will include a large anti-submarine ship “Vice Admiral Kulakov”, large landing crafts “Alexander Obrakovsky”, “Kondopoga”, sea trawler “Vladimir Humanenko”, icebreaker “Ilya Muromets” and other support vessels.

The crews of all the ships and support ships carried out the whole complex of preparatory measures for the long march both in the base and in the training ranges of the Northern Fleet in the Barents Sea. In the sea, the tasks of joint maneuvering, search and rescue support, as well as the actions of warships and supply vessels for the intended purpose have been worked out.

The stocks of food, fresh water and fuel of all participants of the Arctic campaign are replenished to the established standards.

Currently, the crews are engaged in the development of the maritime organization of service and life.

The day before, two crews of anti-submarine aircraft Il-38 of the airbase of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Northern Fleet carried out a planned flight to obtain information about the ice situation in the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean, which showed favorable ice conditions along the route of ships and ships in the Barents Sea.