Baltic Fleet’s RFS Dmitrov “destroyed” ships of the conventional enemy during exercise

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The diesel-electric submarine (DEPL) of the Baltic Fleet Dmitrov during the exercise successfully carried out a set of practical torpedo firing from underwater position on surface targets within the planned exit to the sea.

Before the DEPL crew, the task was to covertly enter the parking area of ​​the detachment of the conventional enemy combat ships, which designated the antisubmarine ships of the Baltic naval base, and attack them with torpedo weapons.

The task of mine action support of the submarine’s escape to the area of ​​the exercise was fulfilled by two mineswalves of the Baltic Fleet. DEPL “Dmitrov” with maximum secrecy approached the detachment of the ships of the conventional enemy and made a torpedo attack. After this, the crew of the submarine worked out the actions to evade the retaliatory blow of the conventional enemy. In total, two torpedoes were launched, which definitely hit the targets. Shooting was carried out in compliance with security requirements.

The surface forces in the course of this exercise worked out the tasks of providing all types of protection and defense of the detachment of ships and ships at the sea crossing.