Project 10410 Balaklava Launched for FSB

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July 17 , 2018 in the territory of PJSC “Yaroslavl Shipbuilding Plant” the ceremony of launching the 10410 code- guard of the Project 10410 code “Svetlyak” serial number 809 was held .

The boarding of the ship, named “Balaklava” and intended for service in the Coast Guard of the Crimean Board of the Border Guard Service of the Russian FSB , was held on 15 . 06 . 2017

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The solemn event was attended by: Deputy Head of Border Guard Service – Head of the Coast Guard Department of the Frontier Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia Gennady Medvedev, representative

in / h 55056 First Deputy Head UMTO 7 th service of the FSB of Russia Oleg Kolesnik, h flax Federation Council’s International Affairs Committee, Chairman of the legislative body of the government of Yaroslavl region Anatoly Lisitsyn , Chairman of the Yaroslavl Region Government Dmitry Stepanenko , chief designer of the project 10410 JSC ” TsKKB “Almaz” Boris Leikis and others.

Chairman of the Government of the Yaroslavl Region Dmitry Stepanenko in his welcoming speech noted that ” Yaroslavl Shipyard is one of the oldest and most successful enterprises in the region in the region. The enterprise has a high scientific and technical potential, mastering advanced technological solutions and serves as a model for many shipbuilding enterprises. ”

By sea tradition, a bottle of champagne on the ship’s side was broken by Tatiana Klyukina, the head of the quality management department of the plant.

In the near future, after carrying out the necessary work, the ship will be sent to the delivery base in Sevastopol for completion, state testing and transfer to the customer.


The construction of the ships of Project 10410 , known in the world as “Firefly”, began in the second half of the 1980s . Designer – JSC ” CMDB ” Almaz “.

Destination of the ship:

• Protection of the state maritime boundary

• Carrying out patrol duty in the coastal zone.

“Fireflies” are built in accordance with modern requirements for the protection of maritime boundaries and economic interests of the Russian state in the 200- mile economic zone. With a displacement of 375 tons and a length of almost 50 meters, they develop a speed of at least 28 knots thanks to three high-speed reverse motors, each working on its own screw. Modern radio and navigation equipment allows to ensure the unconditional fulfillment of all the tasks envisaged by the project.

The first series of ships of Project 10410 built by the Yaroslavl Shipyard, which was 6 units, was transferred to border guards between 1990 and 1994 .

Two more ships of the same project built by YaPZ with a modified composition of weapons and equipment and improved conditions for the habitation of the crew began to serve in 2007 and 2012 . The ninth ship in this series, launched today on water, will be handed over to the customer in 2018 .