Northern Fleet Vladimir Humanenko Returned From

The crew of Project 12660 Vladimir Gumanenko of the Kola Flotilla of the various forces (including either KIL-143 or KIL-164) of the Northern Fleet carried out combat exercises in the ranges of the Barents Sea.

The combat calculations of the artillery unit fulfilled the fire on the conventional aircraft, and also carried out a set of artillery fire at the target position simulating the combat ship of the conventional enemy.

A combat exercise was also carried out to destroy the floating mines.

In addition to improving the skills of using artillery weapons, the minesweeper crew worked out certain elements of the second course task, including: providing anti-subversive and diversionary defense in an unprotected raid with preventive grenade launching, as well as combating the survivability of weapons and equipment for various introductory and organization of ship protection from consequences of the use of weapons of mass destruction.

In addition, the crew of Vladimir Gumanenko solved the problems of setting contact and non-contact trawls, conducted a training on wiring a submarine and a detachment of ships behind the trawls through a minefield.

After the successful completion of training and combat missions in the sea, the minesweeper arrived at a permanent point of basing.