Álvaro de Bazán Returns to Ferrol From SNMG1

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On July 11, the frigate “Álvaro de Bazán” (F-101,) returned to the Arsenal de Ferrol after concluding its deployment of almost three months by the North Sea, the Baltic and Casablanca (Morocco). During this navigation, the frigate was integrated into the Permanent Naval Grouping of NATO no. 1 (SNMG-1) for two months, participating in international exercises to maintain their level of training and collaborate in the objectives of the Alliance. In total, the ship sailed more than 16,000 nautical miles, and visited 7 countries.

It began its deployment in mid-April, when it set sail for northern waters of Scotland to join the SNMG-1 together with the ships “Niels Juel” (Denmark), “Gediz” (Turkey) and “Erfurt” (Germany).

After a first stop in Glasgow, he participated in the JOINT WARRIOR-181 international exercises, organized by the Royal Navy. After stopping in Liverpool, the frigate sailed through waters of Europe and Morocco to maintain the naval presence and cohesion of the NATO countries in the area, visiting the ports of Casablanca, La Coruña and Amsterdam. At the beginning of June he stopped in the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda to attend the BALTOPS pre-exercise conferences, organized by the US Navy in Baltic waters. After the exercises, he stopped at the German city of Kiel, on the occasion of “The Naval Week”, one of the most important naval concentrations in the world.

Later, the frigate finished its integration in the Grouping and set course for waters of the north of Norway, arriving to cross the “Arctic Circle”. During the last weeks he participated in the DYNAMIC MONGOOSE exercise. These exercises have allowed the frigate to train in the anti-submarine war in one of the zones of least transit of civilian ships of the terrestrial globe, training daytime permanently, since it has coincided with the polar day of the summer, in which the sun It does not get to get in 24 hours a day.

Last week, once the exercises were over, the frigate put Ferrol in the forefront, traveling 1700 miles to get home. During the transit it was used to continue with the internal training of the unit before arriving at the Arsenal de Ferrol, where it will remain docked during the rest of the summer months.