RFS Soveršennyj & BT-256 Developing Combat Training

On July 11th, the crew of the newest corvette of the Pacific Fleet “Perfect” began to develop the sea elements of the course task K-2 (the actions of a single ship in the sea for the intended purpose).

In the morning the base minesweeper БТ-256 of the connection of the ships of protection of the water area of ​​the Pacific Fleet ensured the wiring of the corvette after the trawl at the exit from the main base.

In the Bay of Peter the Great, the crew of the corvette, in cooperation with the air group, secured the receipt of the anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27 aboard, then the helicopter performed about 10 take-offs and landings on the deck of the “Perfect”.

In the training ground on the corvette, exercises were conducted to repel an attack of air attack means. Today, the organization of a missile strike on the detachment of the conventional enemy ships, which designated the missile boats of the fleet, has been worked out.

Later, the crew of the corvette will improve the actions to protect and defend the ship when parking in an unprotected raid.

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