Detachment of Pacific Fleet ships completes visit to Japan

Pacific Fleet detachment composed of the major ASW ships Admiral Tributs, Admiral Vinogradov and the middle sea tanker Pechenga completed the routine entry to the Japanese naval base of Maizuru June 10th after a five day visit.

During the visit, the detachment commander Captain 1 Rank Oleg Korolyov held meetings with the naval base commandant, destroyer’s division commander, commanding officers of Japanese ships and mayor of the city of Maizuru.

The Russian sailors took part in an extensive cultural program, sports competitions between the servicemen of the two countries. Also, the Japanese sailors visited the Pacific Fleet warships.

The Pacific Fleet marines from the detachment and Japanese servicemen conducted the joint training to supervise a suspicious vessel.

Having completed the routine call to the Japanese port of Maizuru, the Pacific Fleet detachment consisting of the major ASW ships Admiral Tributs, Admiral Vinogradov and middle sea tanker Pechenga, held the joint SAREX-type search-and-rescue exercise with the ships of the Japanese Marine Self-Defence Force in the Sea of Japan.

The Japanese side was represented by the destroyer Asagiri and auxiliary ship Hiouti.

Sailing at sea, the ships of the two countries also carried out signal communications drills and worked out elements of joint tactical manoeuvring.