Coast Guard Cutter Dauntless shifts homeport to Pensacola

The Coast Guard Cutter Dauntless will arrive at its new homeport at Naval Air Station Pensacola July 10th.

Along with the Coast Guard Cutter Decisive, which arrived in Pensacola in June, the Dauntless is a medium endurance cutter with a crew of 80 men and women who deploy to the Florida Straights, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Eastern Pacific.

Both crews will significantly increase the Coast Guard’s operational presence and maximize logistical support in Pensacola, and will aid in the Coast Guard’s Western Hemisphere Strategy to secure the border, disrupt illicit transnational networks and safeguard commerce.

“Dauntless is excited to be a part of the growing Navy and Coast Guard partnership here in Pensacola,” said Cmdr. Timothy C. Sommella, commanding officer of the Dauntless. “The community of Pensacola’s support to our crew and our military families is just outstanding.”

Over the past six month, the crew celebrated 50 years of service to the nation and returns to Florida after more than 25 years in Galveston, Texas. The Dauntless recently completed a two-month dry dock availability in Brooklyn, New York, where the ship underwent an extensive overhaul to serve the Coast Guard into the foreseeable future. During the $1.5 million maintenance availability period, renovations to the cutter included painting the entire exterior and underwater sections, hull plate replacement and a habitability project aimed at improving the living experience for the crew.